About The Goodman

Hi!! Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Jason Goodman. I currently live in Southern California with my beautiful and awesome Wife Sarah with our 3 children. I love being Catholic and I have quite a story of conversion that I will eventually share on here. It will take a while because it is so amazing how God saved me back into the one true church started by Christ though Peter. 

I hope that this blog offers diversity in what I write about and helps to strengthen your walk with Jesus no matter which Christian faith you are a part of. My biggest outreach is going to be to men (mainly) but women are welcome too, to help them beat Pornography and Masturbation. I believe this can specifically be done through obvious strengthening of their walk with Jesus as well as knowledge of the problem. My “different take” on it to sort of create my own niche is offering a very specific exercise and nutrition plan to help combat the mental and emotional toll this problem takes on the human body. 

I hold 4 certifications from my studies in Personal Fitness Training, as well as years of being a Pro Fit Trainer, since 1999 when my life dramatically changed, eventually for the better. This day to day experience (since 1999) as well as my ongoing studies have given me, what I believe, is expert knowledge in the area of specifically how the brain and body react to constantly viewing porn and/or acting out through masturbation/orgasm/edging. 

The area of dopamine and its effects on the body doesn’t have a ton of research and studies, and is difficult to find on the internet. There is some stuff out there but not enough, especially from a Catholic viewpoint. Matt Fradd has done some amazing research in his most recently published book titled “The Porn Myth” as well as Everett Fritz’s book titled “Freedom”. I am slowly working with Everett, a great friend of mine, to write a sort of “part 2” to his Freedom book and include some very specific things involving fitness and nutrition. My goal is to help a people combat porn/masturbation and all of the in between things that satan throws at us and have a more meaningful relationship with Christ, ultimately beating these temptations and living a whole life again. 

I don’t want to give away too much yet, but be on the lookout for more from me!


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